Now on the SyFy channel, What is next?

On Friday June 8th JoyRiders.TV aired on national television AGAIN! This time on the new SyFy show "Insane or Inspired?" Episode: 25 backyard Stunts. They featured the Slip n Die and Milk Crate Games. For those of you who missed it, the video will be available online soon!

What is next you might ask? JoyRiders.TV has been quitely brewing up Season 3. We will begin shooting this summer and things will be getting a bit more EXTROOOIME!!!

Surf Jam III

The 3rd JoyRiders.TV surf Jam was hosted March 31st, during the epic winter swell in Pacific Beach San Diego, California. This was made possible by our friends and sponsors 'bChill', and ├ęSKay Clothing, ZICO Coconut Water, Blink Energy Water and San Diego Surf Ladies.

The JoyRiders Trifecta! Surf - Snow - Desert

On April 14th JoyRiders.TV went on an epic adventure from surfing in San Diego to snowboarding in Big Bear Mountain to atv riding in Superstition Moutain Desert, all in one day!!! The video will be out in a few weeks!

JoyRiders.TV on TruTV!!!

On March 30th, 2012 JoyRiders.TV made top 5 on TruTVs Top 20 Most Shocking, episode: Dumb Dudes 6. They featured our Milk Crate Games stunt, if you get hurt you win! Milk crates are stacked in a step like sequence going from 1-7, each spaced a few feet apart. After running up the last milk crate you grab the stuffed monkey (named Manny) and jump into the trampoline. Most of the attempts were epic fails.

JoyRiders.TV is on ESPN!

Sports Nation featured the clip of Daniel wakeboarding the fountain at University of Maryland! Thanks to all our fans and fellow JoyRiders for pushing us this far! It's time to take it to the next level!

click here to see the original version of Daniel Wakeboarding the UMD Fountain

Surf Jam II - San Diego, CA

The second JoyRiders.TV Open Waters Surf Jam was hosted January 14, 2012, during the epic winter swell in Pacific Beach, San Diego, California. This was made possible by our friends and sponsors bChill, eSKay Clothing, ZICO Coconut Water and San Diego Surf Ladies.

Santas JoyRide

Santa takes a joyride this year. Hopefully you are not on the naughty list.
December 20th, 2011

JoyRiders.TV Presents: Open Waters Jam Session

On Sat, Nov 12th, JoyRiders.TV hosted their first event in San Diego, California. The rain was relentless, the air was cold and the water was even colder. But the waves.... they were epic! This was made possible by our friends and sponsors bChill and eSKay Clothing and ZICO Coconut Water.

JoyRiding Hurricane Irene

We took advantage of the aftermath and wakeboarded a flooded backyard.
August 29th, 2011

JoyRiders 3D Snowboarding and Skiing

JoyRiders is in 3D!!! EXTROOOIME!!! Check out the 3D video listed below featuring summer snowboarding and skiing at the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre. If you do not have any 3D colored glasses you can still watch it in 2D. Just click the 3D button (next to the resolution button) to select your 3D viewing option.

Gallery: Season Two

  • crates
  • rope swing
  • slip
  • bunkies
  • pool sess


Milk Crate Games: Guest star Matt Mehallick attempts to save the monkey hanging on the trampoline net.

slip n slide

Slip in Die: Guest star Danny Remer speeds down a 160 ft tarp.

pool sess

Night Pool Session: Luckily there were some lifeguards on duty.


Mini Shredders: Jon and Daniel skate with four gnarly little shredder dudes.

rope swing

Big Ass Rope Swing: Guest star Paul Yagimuna launches himself into the Ohio River.